Impact Journal: Set Goals, Track Progress, Analyze Results


The Impact Journal is a physical tool customers can use daily. This journal isn’t like your normal notebook. You can set the proper goals, keep track of progress every single day, and analyze the results of your failures and accomplishments.


You’ve probably had a journal before. This journal is completely different. The Impact Journal is about getting you closer to your goals. There is a system in which the journal should be used.

Impact Journal Features

  1. Write your ultimate goals for the year.
  2. Set your monthly actions and make projections.
  3. Make your impact list every day working towards these goals.
  4. Review your overall month and goal progress.

The Impact Journal helps you remain focused on the goals you so badly want to accomplish. The daily impact list should contain five vital tasks. Each task on your impact list HAS to be relevant to your ultimate goals for the year. Taking daily action is how we accomplish the bigger goals. 

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