Christopher Hines

I remember when I first began my journey as an entrepreneur. Instead of wasting the little allowance I had on candy or toys, I’d buy candy to sell. I was in the 6th grade already in business. My teachers were even more upset when they learned that I had been doing other students homework for money. Entrepreneurship has always been in me.

Now, I’m a thriving entrepreneur. As a college dropout I started my first business, wrote my first book and I haven’t looked back.

My mission is to provide individuals with the necessary information and tools to earn what they desire in life. I help people, (mainly entrepreneurs) set the proper goals so that they can have more, do more and be more.


Coach Chris helped me learn self-discipline. He taught me how to change bad habits into new ones in order to be more productive.
Kirbi Bourage
Ran into some roadblocks booking public speaking opportunities. Connected with Coach Chris; he pointed me in the right direction. Thanks to him, I've built my network & gained information that will take me to the next level professionally!
Edrico A.
Good practical examples on value adding content creation. Inspiration/motivation in leading by example. Clear and to the point advice. Positive attitude. Authentic persona.
Momo the Disciple
Chris’s mentality inspires me to be my best self. Someone I feel incredibly connected to.
Brittany Reynolds

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